Patient Instructions

It is very important that you follow instructions provided for the best possible imaging, if for any reason you have questions or have eaten, please contact our office prior to arrival.

If there is a possibility of pregnancy, please inform our staff prior to your appointment.

Exam Instructions:


  • Drink water only. No food or other liquids 6 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Follow Hydration Protocol
  • Wear comfortable clothing without metal clasps or zippers.
  • No vigorous exercise 24 hours prior to your exam.
  • Allow up to 1-½ – 2 hours for the total exam process.
  • If you are an insulin dependent diabetic: the sensitivity of the exam is affected when your glucose levels are greater than 200. If needed, insulin can be taken no less than 2 hours before the exam.
  • No reading or phone use is allowed while in uptake, however, you may use electronic devices. (CD, Radio or Ipods).

PET Bone Scan:

  • No fasting required.
  • Follow Hydration Protocol
  • Allow up to 1 – 1 ½ hours for the exam process.
  • Wear comfortable clothing without metal clasps or zippers.


If you are having a CT scan of the Head, Neck, and/or Chest WITHOUT IV contrast, there are no special instructions.

All other CT scans and combinations WITH and/or WITHOUT IV contrast, are instructed to do the following:

  • Fasting is required for 6 hours before your exam.
  • Follow Hydration Protocol.


  • Wear comfortable clothing without metal clasps or zippers.
  • No implantable electronic metal devices (i.e.; cochlear ear Implant, pacemaker, tens unit, hearing aids, etc.).


Beginning 3 hours before your scheduled exam time, drink 1 glass of water every hour, for a total of 3 glasses.

For example: A 12:00 appointment would have a person drinking 1 glass of water at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00

Voiding is allowed, a full bladder is not necessary.